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Notes for a return to solitude (iii)

September 13, 2008

perception as opposed to intellection
awareness/recognition rather than criticism

other-self is extension through empathy of own self-projection

extension of self-knowledge
and limited by our awareness of ourselves
and by the finitude of experience

perceived (imagined/created)

prefer extension to projection

other/self dichotomy is not divisive
but unitary

emptiness of self (ego identity)
completeness of awareness (perception)

awareness implies an infinitude,
whereas perception remains temporal

does awareness need an object as perception does?

awareness posits a self as object (?)

awareness of absence is a projection of presence
(if such is the case then an abolition of death
through the very perception of it)

death as perceived in its absolute sense (mundane)
contains the contradiction which reveals its fallacy

there is no death

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