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Full of Sadness

October 11, 2008
door paintings by Gary Hume

door paintings by Gary Hume

(Guardian) Has {Gary Hume] ever suffered another creative block since the doors crisis? ‘I get them, like, twice a week. I have a real moan and my wife tells me to shut up. But not as serious. Because now I work all the time and I know that the only way out of it – because I can’t think my way out of it – is to paint my way out of it, so I just have to work and live with the consequences.’ Is he quite an anxious person? ‘No, but I’m desperate for them to be good. And, of course, that breeds some anxiety. But I generally try to work in a joyful state.’

And yet his paintings often feel obscurely melancholy, a bit like Andy Warhol’s. He once said: “I want to paint something that’s gorgeous, something that’s perfect. So that it’s full of sadness.”‘ Does he see a connection between beauty and melancholy? ‘Yes. There has to be. Otherwise you’d be too naive to experience life. I want a quietness. I want the work to be quiet. And verging on the romantic, but with a sense of reflection – and generally speaking, that does become melancholic. I find it very satisfying to be moved into a sort of quietude and peace.’  (read article)

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