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“Putin saw my tears…”

November 13, 2008
Putin by Platon

Putin by Platon (Click image to enlarge)

(Guardian) Then Putin came in and did an hour and a half interview. At the end, the director of Time magazine, John Huey, stood up and said: “Mr Putin, I want to thank you for this interview. And unfortunately, with the honour of being Man of the Year also comes an obligation, and that is to have your portrait taken. We’ve flown in,” (and obviously things get inflated in tense situations), “one of the greatest photographers in the world. Platon is standing here, waiting to take your picture.”

I had had such a stressful week that hearing him say this about me just made me burst into tears. Putin looked at me, saw what a state I was in, and said: “I’ll do it.” I think he felt sorry for me. (read article)

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