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gravity always wins

December 18, 2008

“Poetry is a model of what art can do. Auden understood this in a profound way when he said, “Poetry makes nothing happen. It exists in the valley of its making, where executives would never want to tamper.” And Beckett also talked about the impotency of art, and at the same time the obligation to make it in spite of its incredible limitations. And then there is Emily Dickinson, who could see more from her own backyard than most people who travel the world. And there was a time, certainly in Newtown’s day, where there wasn’t such a difference between artists and scientists. It was all drawn together in fields like alchemy. My interest in the scientific method has something to do with my wanting to quantify things and yet realizing that is an impossible goal. So actually just dancing around quantifying something is to keep it alive. It’s almost as soon as you capture something–whatever it is, this moment–you kill it.” — Spencer Finch

In this video Spencer Finch discusses his exhibition Gravity Always Wins at Dundee Contemporary Arts 25 October 2008 – 4 January 2009

See more by Spencer Finch at his website and read the interview in NY Arts Magazine from which the above quote was taken.

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