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what’s a cinema?

July 24, 2009

Mike Figgis in New Statesman

Digital equipment that allows you to shoot a film and edit it on your own computer to professional standard is the biggest innovation since the beginning of the history of cinema. The medium becomes accessible to people who cannot raise the funds usually associated with making a film.

I find myself less and less interested in the idea of “world domination” as an artist and more interested in just working. This new technology allows me to express myself as a photographer, or as a film-maker, or as a musician. Occasionally this work comes out and sees an audience, but often it just forms part of my “notebook”.

Film-making is now more like writing a novel or like painting than it ever has been. And I’m surprised at how few people have risen to that challenge so far. Film remains a very mainstream form of expression. Most people are still very interested in the basic story cliché – plus a few somewhat precious video artists who work in quite a limited way on gallery-type installations. (read)

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