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an artist is always lonely

October 7, 2009

I see no need for community. An artist is always lonely. The artist is a man who functions beyond or ahead of society. In any case, seldom within it. I think  our problem would seem to be fundamentally psychological. Some feel badly because they are not accepted by the public. We shouldn’t be accepted by the public. As soon as we are accepted, we are no longer artists but decorators. Sometimes we think if we could only explain to the public, they would agree with us. They may agree in the course of years. They won’t agree now … they should not agree now. I think this group activity, this gathering together, is a symptom of fear. Possibly you could connect this with the question of mass production, in the sense that in this country there is a feeling that unless you have a large public you are a failure. The public is concerned with the average. I will always be opposed to this conception. I certainly don’t think it is necessary to explain on the assumption that once you explain there will be agreement.

sculptor David Hare
pg. 13,  Artists’ Sessions at Studio 35 (1950)

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