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still-ed life

January 11, 2010

[Guardian] But Miller makes a strong case for the Frenchman Etienne-Jules Marey as the true pioneer of motion instead, —preceding Muybridge’s frequently doctored sequences in which individual shots were edited out or even repeated for pleasing effect. And, not incidentally, he includes a stunning Sioux painting, made on hide, of horses going through all sorts of accurate motions, that shows just how unobservant Westerners could be. Miller’s arguments are as stimulating as the images themselves.

But what strikes most about the tenacious Marey is that his sequences of split-second frames were all recorded on the same picture. Literally, this is still-ed life. The soldier sprinting, the pelican landing, the cat always falling on its feet (one of Marey’s many discoveries): the whole excursion is described in a single image. (read review)

On the Move
13 January-18 April, 2010
Esoterick Collection, London

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