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genocidal style

March 1, 2010

[Axess] Le Corbusier was to architecture what the Rwandan interahamwe were to social work. There was not a townscape or a landscape so beautiful that he could not envisage destroying it utterly, once and for all, with his cold and heartless constructions. If I had to coin a term for his style of architecture, I should find it difficult to decide between the Khmer Rouge style, and the genocidal style. Both terms have something to be said in their favour, and both something against. What is certain is that Le Corbusier was a totalitarian to his fingertips, and it is one of the great cultural disasters of our time – both symptomatically and causatively – that he should still be a revered rather than a reviled figure in the architectural schools of Europe. (read)

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  1. March 3, 2010 5:07 pm

    and i missed the Musee du quai Branly as well, i was so curious about the building! but taking into account that i agree with the author about the ugliness of Centre Pompidou and about many other things (why Bucharest happens to be one of the ugliest cities i have seen and i can imagine, now i understand whose fault is that, i mean, beyond Ceausescu’s immediate responsibility) – i think i might have approved him even in this case.

    so interesting, this article!

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