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surrealist tendencies

March 13, 2010

[Guardian] Between his abandonment of socialist realism in 1964 and his death from lung cancer in 1990, Sergei Paradjanov made four of the weirdest and most beautiful movies ever seen. An ethnic Armenian, Paradjanov was born in Soviet Georgia in 1924. His mother was “very artistic”: she “used to adorn herself with Christmas tree decorations and curtains and join her friends on the roof to enact legends”. In 1947, Paradjanov spent a brief stint in a Georgian prison for committing “homosexual acts” (which were illegal under Soviet law) – with, of all people, a KGB officer. He later disavowed the seven films he shot in the 1950s and early 1960s. In 1962, he saw Tarkovsky’s Ivan’s Childhood and completely changed his artistic method, which had previously been quite normal. (read)

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