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everyone is now an auteur

July 13, 2011


[Guardian] Somewhere along the way, though, the man appears to have been eaten by the myth. The Godard sitting before me in a Paris flat, wearing a T-shirt so tight it gives him the air of a bristly, bespectacled Buddha awoken from his afternoon nap, is so much more human, so much more childlike than the legend. He has a slight lisp. He is playful and patient. He tries to answer questions others might take as insults. He makes sense, mostly. It is hard to see him as “the shit” fellow New Wave director François Truffaut fell out with in the 1970s. (read)

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  1. July 15, 2011 10:47 am

    i am just reading a book about romantic forms which are still very much alive in the modern and postmodern time, and i chuckled at something i have always believed myself as well: that it doesn’t matter what the high culture says about the death of the author, ever since Foucault and Barthes and the (post)structuralist turn, the everyday cultural practice still contradicts this, with, ironically, Foucault or Barthes himself being transformed into a myth (shall we mention Beckett too? or Godard, as in this article: Somewhere along the way, though, the man appears to have been eaten by the myth). the romantic myth and mystification of the author is still what happens today as well.

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